About Us

A Team of Reliable Property Management Specialists

Our goal at Sound Tenement is to guide you through our entire process of finding the right apartment. We serve landlords and tenants to make a home for people.


About the Company

Our company is employed or retained by, for, or on behalf of the owner and/or designated/managing broker. You may depend on us in:

  • 1 Delivering a lease application, a lease, or any amendment thereof to any person;
  • 2 Receiving a lease application, lease, or amendment thereof, a security deposit, rental payment, or any related payment for delivery and made payable to the real estate firm or owner;
  • 3 Showing a rental unit to any person and executing leases or rental agreements. The employee or retainer is acting under the direct instruction of the owner or designated/managing broker;
  • 4 Providing information about a rental unit, a lease, an application for lease, or a security deposit. We also discuss details on rental amounts to any prospective tenant;
  • 5 Assisting in the performance of property management functions by carrying out administrative, clerical, financial, or maintenance tasks.

Our Team

We have more than 25 years in maintenance and construction. Given our vast experience in the industry, you can trust us to deliver hassle-free property management services.

Sharon L. Nix–Office Manager


Sharon has a background in English, art, and teaching. She loves animals and painting and is a chocoholic. It is not often that you find someone who will listen to people, which is why we are lucky to have her on our team.

Michael P. Jones–Property Manager


Michael has a background in construction and maintenance and has a no-nonsense approach. Some golf, some fish, and some fix cars, but he does maintenance. Michael builds, maintains, and manages our company's process. He is our property manager or the face of our team.

Charlie Louise–Public Relations Officer


Charlie has a background in editing, writing, and English. She loves to dance for fun and is a highly motivated individual who is completely overqualified. She is a University of Washington alumna and a Husky fan—Go Dawgs!