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Property Management Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Sound Tenement in Auburn, WA strives to foster a comfortable environment for both landlords and tenants. We are a company established in 2013 that offers real estate listing and management services.


The Sound Tenement Advantage

Our team delivers real estate management solutions unlike any other. Come see the difference and get a sense of belonging with us.

Pleasant Neighborhood

For better quality of life, we will help you find the neighborhood you will surely love. The bus system is a block away and shopping is close to our apartment. Walkablity is everywhere.

Compassionate Management

Our management cares about you and your property. We understand that your apartment is your home. Service is available as needed. We're an email or phone call away.

Proactive Property Maintenance

At Sound Tenement, maintenance is the norm, not the exception. We will make sure that your apartment is maintained and the grounds are cared for.

Instructions for Applying

Click on the header at the top of the page to open a category. Please note that we do not accept Comprehensive Reusable Tenant Screening Reports (CRTSRs).

  • 1

    Read our criteria and decide if you want to pay for screening (our criteria is a 100% self-evaluation)

  • 2

    Copy and paste our application to MS Word and fill out application.

    Print the application, sign it, email the completed application along with your photo id to Sound Tenement. Screen with

    (Appications must be signed to process)

  • 3

    Schedule an appointment with us through email @  or call us at  (415) 797-7606.

  • 4

    Email the following items to:

    1. A finished, typed and signed application for anyone 18 or older
    2.  A copy of applicant's ID (WA State driver license, WA State ID card, or acceptable alternative)
    3.  Current proof of income (last two pay stubs or proof of income)
    4.  Online payments are acceptable for screening fee
  • 5

    Our interviews are via ZOOM or phone due to pandemic. Please contact us by email or phone us @
    415-797-7606 to set up a meeting .

  • 6

    Surrender the screening fee, applicant photo, and ID.  Afterwards, we wait for the results from Zillow

  • 7

    You will receive a response within three to five working days


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what we offer.